Let Sally Hogshead FASCINATE you at IncentiveWorks’ opening keynote presentation!

SallyHogsheadKeynoteIncentiveWorks 2013 announces Sally Hogshead as the opening keynote presentation on Tuesday August 20th. Sally’s address titled “THE FASCINATION ADVANTAGE: Your Personality’s Best and Highest Value” will teach you how to identify and use your personality’s most captivating strengths and how to use those signature traits to skyrocket your potential.

Your personality has one key advantage. It’s what makes you different— and better. This is how you are most likely to harness attention. Sally Hogshead will show you how to understand and apply your most captivating traits. Sally developed the Fascination Advantage™, the first scientific personal brand measurement, based on research with 130,000 people. Unlike tests such as Myers-Briggs, this assessment does not measure how you see the world… but how the world sees you.

About Sally Hogshead, @SallyHogshead

• Speaker Hall of Fame member
• Creator of the Fascination Advantage
• Bestselling author of the book Fascinate
• Leader for world-class brands such as Coca-Cola, and MINI Cooper
• Guest on The Today Show and in The New York Times

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