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    Day 1: Tuesday August 19Day 2: Wednesday August 20

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

    Getting the Most from Hotel Relationships

    Presented by: Vito Curalli, Hilton Worldwide; Trudi Charest, Eye Recommend; Patti Bond, TD Bank

    How do you get past the pitch on a site visit and get the information you really want? Is there a way to avoid haggling over the price with each hotel? How do you tell your hotel partner that the property did not meet their expectations without severing the relationships? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions or wondered how to strengthen your relationships with hotel partners, then this session is for you.

    Unique Venues: Finding that Hidden Gem

    Presented by: Kathryn Wakefield, Tourism TorontoPamela Smith, Toronto Special EventsJeffry Roick, McNabb Roick Events; Chris Kennedy, Royal Ontario Museum; Wendy Gamble, Notch Creations; Peter Carruthers, 43degrees Design Collective and Presidential Gourmet Fine Catering

    Finding a ‘wow’ venue for your next event can be a challenge, but there are plenty of gems out there, if you know where to look. In this session, you’ll get the inside track on some surprising venues, discover what key things every planner should look for when choosing a venue and leave with some cool new resources that will help you find the next locale for your special event. As a bonus, attendees of this session will receive a complimentary copy of the Toronto Special Events Directory to help make the search a little easier.

    Now Full! How to Be Memorable: A Participatory Networking Workshop

    Presented by: Robin Johnston, Connect 1st

    Tired of networking workshops where you listen and take notes? Prepare for a new kind of session where participants will discover the six elements you need to make new connections and build your network and then put them into practice within the session. We’ll talk about how to be memorable in face-to-face interactions and you’ll have the opportunity to implement these engagement techniques with one-on-one focused conversations with other attendees in the room. Session registrants will receive a pre-networking “how to” document to help them prepare and gain the most from this workshop. Leave this session with the skills and confidence to connect with people throughout IncentiveWorks and beyond.
    Session limited to 40 attendees only. Pre-register to guarantee your seat.

    This session is now full.

    9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

    How to Get What You Want from Professional Speakers

    Presented by: Martin Perelmuter and Kelly MacDonald-Hill, Speakers’ Spotlight

    If you’re spending the money on a professional speaker, you expect someone polished, experienced and engaging that will wow attendees. But how do you ensure you get what you need from a speaker after the contracts are signed. Our experts will help you determine the right questions to ask upfront, the preparatory steps to take before the event and what extras a speaker might be willing to do for you to help make your event a success. Whether you’re new to hiring professional speakers or simply want to learn how to get the most out of working with them, attend this session and leave with tips to make your next keynote, conference or training workshop a success.

    Creativity on a Budget

    Presented by: Grail Noble, Yellow House Events

    Think you can’t be creative on a budget? This session was designed to prove you wrong! In this presentation you’ll see real-life examples of how luxe galas and chic conferences have been created without a massive budget. You’ll learn tricks to make your dollar go further – including where to splurge and where to save – to make the biggest impact without an oversized price tag.

    Fear of the “Green” Monster

    Presented by: Trevor Lui, The International Centre

    The rapid emergence of sustainable business meetings have struck fear into even the most seasoned of planners. Interact in group conversation on how to wade through the tides of information in the marketplace and find the right tools suited for your event. Are you losing traction and possibly valuable business opportunities? Join us as we crowd-source attendees’ choices of the industry’s most sought-after topics on sustainable events from demystifying ASTM/APEX and Green Key to how to make your events green without going over budget. Help design this session by submitting your questions prior to the conference and walk away with valuable information on balancing your ‘green’ books.


    8:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

    Assessing Risk Beyond Your Borders

    Presented by: Eli Gorin, CMP, CMM, gMeetings Inc.

    International meetings require much more attention to detail than regional ones. But how do you know what to prepare for when approaching a different political, economic and social environment? There are many factors that can have risk implications for you and your attendees. Do you have plans for the “unplannable?” Find out where you are most vulnerable on the international stage and create a roadmap for safely taking your meeting abroad.

    Learner Outcomes

    • Learn what risks to plan for when organizing your international events
    • Discover how to prepare for the challenges that can arise on-site
    • Create a roadmap of next steps you can follow to be risk-prepared during your next international meeting

    Future of Meetings: Content in TransformationMPILOGO2

    Presented by: Jessie States, Education Content Designer, Meeting Professionals International

    Free education. Individualization. Context. Content is changing, and while no one can wholly predict what the future holds for meetings and events, we can analyze the trends that will affect that future in order to prepare for the next five years—and the next 30. During this workshop, discuss the different trends that will affect your meetings’ content and create a roadmap so you can prepare for the unpredictable future.

    Learner Outcomes

    • Find out what trends are affecting meetings content
    • Discuss trending topics and their future ramifications with your peers
    • Learn how you can start preparing now for an uncertain future

    Top 5 Digital Marketing Tactics That Boost Registrations

    Presented by: Tod Maffin, engageQ digital

    Not seeing results from your Facebook marketing efforts? Feel like you’re tweeting into an empty void? Tod Maffin, president of engageQ digital, will walk you through the five pro tactics his team uses to drive up registrations and develop solid leads. This won’t be the usual “You should tweet more” session — you’ll find out about incredible tools you never knew existed (like Zapier, AdEspresso, Twitter Cards, and more) and how to make them do your work for you.

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

    Building a Solid Foundation of Logistics and Execution 

    Presented by: Lauren Orsi, Freeman

    Event planning professionals know that logistics management and on-site execution are the foundation for any successful event. In this session, our expert will walk you through event execution from start to finish. She’ll discuss everything from knowing your audience, creating your external team, RFP complexities, planning tools and technology, identifying goals and understanding deadlines. Whether you’re new to planning or want to brush up on your skills, this session will ensure you have a solid foundation so your on-site execution is flawless whether you are planning a conference, trade show or hybrid event.

    Execution Management – A Session for Senior Planners

    Presented by: David Barrett, Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business

    Senior managers of meetings, events and conferences are constantly challenged with projects that are time sensitive and budget conscious. Being an expert project manager is just part of the job. But as a senior manager of a team of event planners or a senior planner running your own business, the scope of these projects can widen to include all facets – stakeholder management, business case development, strategic planning, team communications and more. So how can you ensure you’re executing at a high level not only for your projects, but for your team and your business?

    In this interactive session, our expert will bridge the gap between what senior level managers are taught and what project managers actually do, and show you how to manage the execution of events, teams, business outcomes and more.

    Based on his book, The Keys To Our Success, David Barrett will impart the lessons he’s learned from top project managers throughout his career.

    MPILOGO2Advancing from Event Planner to Manager of Events

    Presented by: Eliza Hixson, Leeds Metropolitan University

    As organizations develop Strategic Meetings Management programs (SMMPs), there are new opportunities for planners who want to advance their careers. If you have established yourself as a top-ranked planner for managing individual meetings and events and would like to move to the next level within the organization, this session is for you. In order to be considered for an operations manager position, you will need to demonstrate your abilities and potential to meet the requirements of this new role.

    Learner Outcomes

    • Know and understand the necessary competencies for an operations manager
    • Compare those to your current skill set, and pinpoint gaps and areas of development for yourself
    • Create and execute a plan to upgrade your capabilities

    MPILOGO2How to Attract and Keep Event Sponsors

    Presented by: Mariela McIlwraith, Meeting Change

    In this interactive session, review best practices for attracting and retaining event sponsors and for delivering benefits that enhance business value for sponsors, attendees and event owners. Consider true stories of sponsors and event owners who collaborate as partners, leveraging their strengths to create more memorable event experiences.

    Learner Outcomes

    • Review best practices for developing an event sponsorship prospectus
    • Learn about alternative sponsorship benefit models that can be adapted for better value for sponsors and event owners
    • Customize your own roadmap for attracting and retaining sponsors

    8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

    Position you to WIN! A session designed specifically for suppliers and exhibitors
    Presented By: Jill Harrington, salesSHIFT

    *This session has been designed specifically for suppliers and exhibitors

    Fact: Sales success has little to do with how great your services are and a lot to do with how you “position” your greatness in context of what your buyers care about most.

    And, as suppliers to the M&IT industry, you have multiple opportunities to position you to win… through your sales messages, site inspections, presentations, proposals, trade shows, and more. According to your buying community here’s the bad news: An awful lot of suppliers do a stinking job of differentiating themselves from their competitors in all of these. Which means you’re blowing opportunities to move valuable relationships forward and to win good business at great prices.

    Be the supplier that stands out and gets noticed every time. Our favourite sales expert, Jill Harrington, returns to IncentiveWorks in 2014 to show you how to position you to win… every time.

    Not sure if this session is for you?  

    Read what IncentiveWorks’ attendees had to say about Jill’s 2013 workshop:

    “90 minutes flew by. Please bring Jill Harrington back!”
    “Love her, she tells it like it is – which is refreshing.”
    “Lots of great ideas. Jill Harrington cares and rocks!”

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