Exhibitors can register for staff badges and purchase official IncentiveWorks tickets here!

Badge + Ticket Registration



  1. To begin, click on “Badge + Ticket Registration” above.
  2. Select your company name from the drop down menu.  For those who are sharing a booth, or a participant in a destination or hotel booth, select the name of the company you are booked under.
  3. Enter your password.  The password was provided via email to the contract holder of the booth.  If you are not the contract holder, please contact them for your company’s password.
  4. Click on “ADD SHOW STAFF”
  5. Enter your contact information as requested.  NOTE: Your company name will show as you saw it in the drop down menu (step 2).  If you would like to change how your company name is shown, check the box “Use alternate company information for this person” and update as necessary.
  6. When complete, select “SAVE CHANGES”.


*Note:  By completing the registration for the staff badges, the exhibitor is automatically enrolled into the appointments program.  Once the appointments tool has opened up, each individual will receive an email with a link to their personalized profile.



You can add the following passes and tickets to any Exhibitor Badge:


To add any tickets or passes to an Exhibitor Badge:

  1. Return to “Badge + Ticket Registration” and select your company name from the drop down menu then enter your password.
  2. Next to each staff member listed is a green plus sign under the heading “ADD EVENTS”.
  3. Click on “ADD EVENTS” for the person you are going to purchase the tickets and/or passes for.
  4. Follow the prompts to select and pay for the items you wish to purchase.
  5. Once you have selected your pass type, ticket and education sessions (please pre-select your sessions to guarantee a seat), click on submit and provide payment information.
  6. Once payment has been processed, the system will send a confirmation to the email provided for that individual and return you to the list of staff badges.


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