Badge + Education + Ticket Registration

  • Exhibitors

    Exhibitors can register for staff badges
    and official IncentiveWorks tickets at one time!

    Badge + Ticket Registration


    1. Click on the button above to begin.
    2. Select your Company Name from the drop down menu. For those who are sharing a booth, or a participant in a destination or hotel booth, select the name of the company you are booked under.
    3. Enter your password. Your password was provided via email to the booth contract holder. If you are not the contract holder, please contact them for your company’s password.
    4. Click on ADD SHOW STAFF.
    5. Enter your contact information as requested. NOTE: Your company name will show as you saw it in the drop down menu (step 2). If you would like to change how your company name is shown, check the box “Use alternate company information for this person.” Update as necessary.
    6. When complete, select SAVE AND CLOSE.


    You can add the following passes and tickets to any Exhibitor Badge:

    • MPI Foundation Canada Rocks ticket, August 18 ($85)
    • Education Pass, August 19+20 ($99)
    • WORKS Education Pass (includes Closing Party ticket), August 19+20 ($149)
    • Single Closing Party ticket, August 20 ($50)
    1. From the main page for exhibit badges, to the right of your name you will see a green plus sign and the words ADD EVENTS.
    2. Select ADD EVENTS and follow the prompts to select and pay for the items you wish to purchase.

    More Information:

    Through this link, Exhibitors are eligible to register for:

    1) Staff badges (includes appointments program)

    2) Education passes (earn CE credits towards your CMP)

    3) Closing Party tickets (for yourself and clients who attend IncentiveWorks).

    4) MPI Foundation Canada Rocks

    5) Get Connected ticket *New networking event!


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