Appointments Program

  • IW13_AppointmentsAppointment Program opens in June 2015!


    Making appointments at IncentiveWorks can help you maximize your time on the show floor. It puts the control in your hands to meet with who you want, when you want. We’ve all been there—you arrive at a booth only to find a lineup of people waiting to engage that Exhibitor. You usually walk away and come back later hoping they are free. Appointments give you direct access to Exhibitors so your time is well spent.

    Booking Appointments is EASY:

    1. In your registration make sure to check off that you want to participate in the Appointments Program. A unique URL will be emailed to you with your appointment schedule.
    2. Select who you want to meet with from our comprehensive exhibitors list
    3. Choose where you’d like to meet (we offer 2 convenient locations for meetings)
    4. Include a personal note so exhibitors know why you want to meet with them
    5. Drop all confirmed appointments into Outlook or Google Calendar or print a master schedule if you wish.
      You can also allow exhibitors to contact you for an appointment. But don’t worry, your contact information is not revealed until you accept their appointment. Both options allow you to maximize your experience before you even step foot on the floor.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How many appointments are there?  Length?

    There are several appointment times per day and are booked in 15 minute increments.

    Is this program mandatory?

    No, unless you have an Appointments or VIP Buyers Pass, you are required
    to fulfill your 6 committed appointments. The program is designed to fulfill
    the needs of planner/buyers who want to book individual appointments with
    exhibitors. Although participation is recommended for all exhibitors and
    attendees, it is optional.

    Is there a cost to participate?

    No.  This program is complimentary for both exhibitors and planner/buyers to utilize.

    When and how do I book my appointments?

    In June, all registered attendees will be sent a link to begin making
    appointments. Through this link, you will have full access to the entire

    Questions on Appointments?  Contact Stephanie Hiltz, Event Coordinator at


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