Our custom Appointments Program lets you meet who you want when you want.

We’ve all been there—you arrive at a booth only to find a lineup of people waiting to engage that Exhibitor. You usually walk away and come back later hoping they are free. By utilizing the Appointments Tool it will help you maximize your time on the show floor. It puts the control in your hands to meet with who you want, when you want.


Booking Appointments is Easy

  1. When you register make sure you select that you want to participate in the Appointments Program. A unique URL will be emailed to you (early July) so you can create your appointment schedule.
  2. Select who you want to meet with from our comprehensive list of exhibitors.
  3. Include a personal note so exhibitors know why you want to meet with them.
  4. Download all confirmed appointments into Outlook or Google Calendar or print a master schedule to keep you organized onsite.


You can also allow exhibitors to contact you for an appointment. But don’t worry, your contact information is not revealed until you accept their appointment. Both options allow you to maximize your experience before you even step foot on the show floor.



Frequently Asked Questions

There are several appointment times per day and they are booked in 15 minute increments.
No, unless you are part of our Local Host or Hosted Buyer Program. In that case you are required to fulfill a specific number of appointments. The appointments program is designed to fulfill the needs of planner/buyers who want to book individual appointments with exhibitors. Although participation is recommended for all exhibitors and attendees, it is optional.
No. This program is complimentary for both exhibitors and planner/buyers to utilize.
In early July, all registered attendees will be sent a link to begin making appointments. Through this link, you will have full access to the entire program.

5 Easy Steps

1) Set Your Availability. Click the “Set My Availability” button and check any blocks of time when you will not be available. Unchecking the blocks of time will re-set you as “Open” for bookings. Click the “Set Availability” button to save your changes.

2) Start Booking Appointments. Click the “Request Appointment Now!” button to get started. On the right hand side of the page in the “To:” section, start by selecting a name of the person you would like to meet from the drop down menu. Once selected you will see further details about the person you are meeting with. The page will refresh showing the slots with your schedule and the person you have selected, their schedule will correspond and provide you with options.
For more information about exhibitors or to filter the type of company you wish to meet with by category, click on the purple “Exhibitor Directory” button. Using the exhibitor directory link, please refer to the floor plan online before making appointments to ensure that you will be able to get to your appointments on time. The show floor is spread out and we recommend giving yourself time in between in each appointment.

3) Select the Time and Location. Using the “Schedule:” section, select the time and date you wish to meet with an Exhibitor and click the corresponding “OPEN” button. Once selected, the date and time field will automatically populate with that information. The “Location:” field will auto populate to “Booth”.

4) Complete Your Request. Enter any comments or notes about the meeting in the “Note:” field provided. Finish by hitting the “Request Appointment” button.

5) Manage Your Appointments. Once a request has been sent out, a notification is sent to the party you wish to meet with and the request appears online in your “PENDING APPOINTMENTS”. When the appointment is accepted, it will move to the “CONFIRMED APPOINTMENTS” section. Use the print button to provide a detailed list of your CONFIRMED APPOINTMENTS to bring onsite to the show with you.
Note: Pending appointments will hold that time slot for you, until the appointment is confirmed/cancelled. You can not have multiple requests on the same time slot.


More questions? Contact Sim Frayne, Senior Event Coordinator at 416-510-6867,

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