August 14 + 15, 2018

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

08:30 - 09:30
The Age of Engagement: An Audience Centric Approach to Building Community

In the competitive world of events, standing out and gaining the attention of your audience is increasingly difficult.  Today loyalty is fleeting unless you have a highly engaged audience.  Are your events delivering truly engaging experiences or are you at risk of losing relevance and loyalty?  This interactive session will use real cases studies from PCMA and its members on engagement and the impact it has on loyalty and your brand.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the key pillars that fuel engaging event experiences
  • Evaluate and enhance your event to increase engagement
  • Gain ideas and insights to extend engagement pre and post event
08:30 - 09:30
Live Streaming on a Shoestring

More information coming soon.

08:30 - 10:30
Building Bridges Instead of Walls: How Gender Differences Affect Decisions in the Workplace

Everywhere you turn there seems to be another complaint about inappropriate behaviour and sexual misconduct. Yet no one talks about how gender differences permeate the everyday business landscape – affecting how people communicate, make business decisions and get judged for those decisions.
It’s time we have a dialogue about how women and men think and behave differently, both at work and at home. So we can arrive at a healthier environment for both sexes. One that fosters inclusivity and sound decision-making.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Decipher fact from folklore with concepts like empathy, intuition, risk-taking and conflict
  • Recognize and counteract stereotype threat
  • Use research-based, self-management techniques to gain confidence in potentially tricky business situations where gender is an underlying issue
  • Create meeting environments that are more inclusive and productive.
08:30 - 10:30

Imagine…being able to introduce participants to essential design thinking techniques, mindsets and behaviors in only 90 minutes. All while highlighting how to bring creativity to one’s work every day in a hands-on format. ExperienceAware to learn how you can integrate design thinking solutions while creating a culture of innovation for your organization.
Creative thinking is more than a skill; it is a habit. Those who think creatively have developed certain reflexes that guide both their exploration of challenges and potential solutions. Creative work is motivating, builds employee commitment and engagement; and most importantly, creativity enables organizations to stay competitively fit in a world of rapidly evolving customer needs and expectations.
Aware will captivate you and highlight how to bring creative habits like empathy, radical collaboration and rapid experimentation to your everyday life.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Awareness of the tools and techniques of the world’s leading designers
  • An understanding of how you can enhance and model innovative behavior
  • Discover imaginative solutions through collaboration, feedback and brainstorming
  • The use of creativity as a competitive advantage with your customers
08:30 - 10:30
Visioneering the Future of Meetings

The way people interact has changed a lot in recent years, and this includes their interactions at meetings and events. Consider findings from recent global research into meeting surroundings—not only the rooms themselves, but also the spaces where delegates congregate, network and socialise—and how these spaces can help your events adapt to the new ways people engage onsite.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how different meeting room environments support learning outcomes and help maximize meeting ROI.
  • Develop a better understanding of how technology can help build multi-way communication in the room and for virtual participants.
  • Consider the latest trends in food and beverage and how they can enhance the meetings experience for your delegates.
  • Consider the different venues types and non-traditional room layouts that help foster connections between and among delegates.
08:30 - 10:30
Event Wars – Extreme Production Challenge
We all know that a successful large-scale event has many moving parts and pieces and to orchestrate a successful event takes layers of planning and logistics.  How do you ensure that multiple vendors are on the same page and can come together to execute the vision on time and on budget?
Join ILEA Toronto and our team of creative event professionals (aka Event Super Heroes) as we invite you to take a seat at the table and participate in building a master production schedule for our theoretical event.  Subject MatterExperts in the areas of Audio Visual, Décor & Design, Venue, Catering and Production will guide the teams through the logistics, strategies and tactics required to achieve the vision.  We’ll challenge the teams with unexpected obstacles and demonstrate how changes can impact the plan for all teams.
This fun and interactive session will give participants insight into how creating a strong team of event partners and establishing clear lines of communication can solve problems and save money.
90-minute session with a combination of hands on table work in teams and group discussion.  The lead facilitators will set the path and tie things together using dynamic visuals and real life examples.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understand Production Schedules
  • Gain an appreciation for strong communication across teams
  • Experience creative problem solving with an eye on the big picture
  • Better understand client/vendor needs and challenges
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09:45 - 10:45
THE IDEA LIST: Uncover Ideas & Inspiration to Shake Up Your Events

Janice Cardinale, Chief Idea Hunter and event influencer is back with her high energy, fast paced, jam packed showcase of the most current trends in new ideas, products, food & beverage and entertainment from across Canada & beyond. Her expert eye for creativity, style and fashion makes her a visionary to know. Finding new ways to engage audiences of the future is critical. Trying new ideas is not an option it’s a must. To stay ahead of the curve your clients expect you to be an event wizard.. so you do not want to miss the IDEA LIST.
Learning Outcomes:

  • How will you disrupt and retool your own creative process?
  • What creative practices would add value to your business?
  • How does the fashion runway translate down to design, décor, food & beverage and entertainment?
  • How can you use new technologies in live event experiences allowing for interaction and personalization?
  • Where are there opportunities in creative placemaking, installation and public art?
11:00 - 12:00
Why are some people able to deliver under pressure while others fall apart? Leadership and performance expert Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry will answer this question in his innovative, case study-driven presentation. Pawliw-Fry studied more than 12,000 people from around the world to discover what top performers do to succeed, sharing his findings in his New York Times best-selling book, “Performing Under Pressure”. From the IncentiveWorks’ mainstage, he’ll share his insights with you and you’ll leave knowing how to make pressure a competitive advantage!
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Performance Coach & Author
15:00 - 16:00

Kevin Lee, planner to the stars, joins Erin Henderson of The Wine Sisters, on the IncentiveWorks’ mainstage for a no-holds barred Q&A on creating events for the rich and famous. Lee has designed one-of-a-kind experiences for high profile figures and high-profile events including the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys. He is no stranger to the stresses and pressures planners face. Bring your questions and get ready to be fabulous!

Celebrity Planner
08:30 - 10:30
EVENT ESSENTIALS 2.0: Building your event planning foundation

More information coming soon.

08:30 - 10:30
Own Your Time: Helping busy professionals find more time in their day

This popular program addresses the top productivity challenges faced by busy Meeting Planners: too many interruptions, conflicting priorities and information overload. Ultimately, this program helps people gain more control over their day, get more done and maintain better boundaries and balance.
Modules include:

  • The Power of Focus
  • Priority Management
  • Email Warrior

Learning Outcomes: This is a fast-paced program focused on long-term implementation success.

  • You will learn a simple prioritization formula
  • The importance of a tight backlog, how to build more focus time into your day and how to tackle email overload.
  • You will also learn how to most effectively track tasks and manage deadlines.
08:30 - 10:30
ColourUP! How to Think and Plan Creatively to Design Impactful Events

“You Paint What You Know is There, Not What You See” – Gertrude Stein
As an event strategist, you are expected to think on your feet and churn out creative solutions every day despite all the challenges involved in planning and production. In this lively and interactive session, the focus is on creative thinking, sensory communication, identifying and overcoming challenges and obstacles, and learning how to apply creative solutions to meetings and events. Participants will be invited to learn, share and increase their awareness of the value and impact of strategically designed and deliberately chosen event elements and how they create the Theater of Meetings tm event experiences. Designing an environment that encourages Permission to Play tm in a safe and secure setting is the planner’s responsibility.   Like theater, the message and story is woven to build on plots and sub-plots to engage the viewer. In meetings, the same pattern follows with engagement, with the actors are the participants themselves.   Both look for the same results to engage the audience and evoke emotional responses. Let the show begin!
Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn a five step process from Vision to Execution and how to plan creatively
  • Understand the role of the five senses as well as the 25 additional senses and over 30 sensibilities we all possess
  • Learn how design elements can assist with theme graphics, message and the visual dynamics
  • Apply strategic planning and use of timing, placement, agenda format, meeting and event enhancers, production, and design components
  • Understand how to deliberately plan 7-10 touch points to evoke responses that create lasting impact – physical, digital, personal and white/black space
  • Integrate the correlation of Advertising and Public Relations into your Meetings and Events
  • Take away ten creative tips to instantly apply to your meetings and events

“If common sense were so common, we would all be aware of this next big thing in meeting design – the meeting and event director, designer or stylist.” ™ – Dianne Budion Devitt

08:30 - 10:30
Checking the Pulse of Incentive Travel in Canada
Be the first to hear the results of the new Incentive Travel Market Survey 2018, sponsored by SITE Canada and the SITE Foundation, and facilitated by Meetings + Incentive Travel magazine.
This interactive session will include a presentation of the findings revealed by the data collected, followed by a panel discussion reviewing the health of the industry. This discussion will included evaluating current trends, areas of growth across the country, factors that are driving purchasing decisions, challenges within the industry, and which Canadian destinations are competing most to win incentive travel groups. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in the discussion.

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11:00 - 12:00
From the hotel kitchen to the television screen, celebrity chef Lynn Crawford is Canada’s leading lady of food! The Food Network star and author of “From Farm to Chef” will be bringing her love of fresh ingredients to the IncentiveWorks’ mainstage. Join Lynn for a dynamic hour of conversation, food and fun.
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Celebrity Chef
15:00 - 16:00
Denise Donlon knows that no matter what you do, you have an opportunity to build a legacy, personally and professionally. Sharing stories from her trailblazing career in the media and entertainment businesses, she will illustrate why doing the right thing is the best thing for your business, your customers, your community and your career! Prepare to be inspired!

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Canadian Television Producer
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